Are You Paid What You’re Worth?

Are You Paid What You’re Worth?
A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Compensation and Benefits

June 5th, 1 PM CET


Gabriela Nemcova, Sr. Client Relationship Director, Korn Ferry

Fabrizio Avari, Chief People and Communication Officer, Lincotek Group


1.Presentation KF Pay Methodology

a. How families and roles are defined
b. Why do organizations do this:
– How it helps them to attract and retain talent
– How it helps them with salary reviews and budgeting
– Share a snapshot (any market) of Global Coverage Report
– Share an industry-specific report.

2.Practical uses for KF PAY

a. 20 years ago in Italy this was quite new
b. How Fabrizio Avari has used this in his career in HR and today at Lincotek
c. How the organizations Fabrizio has worked with, and his current organization use KF Pay.

    3.What young graduates should know about how organizations build organizational structure?

    a. What questions they could ask during the interview stage (career ladder for this role, scarcity of resources for this role, or any other question you might think of)
    b. Share a generic position for a role (pick any job in Sales, Marketing, or Finance), pick any generic Job Grade go to any market, and share the benchmark salary for that role in that market.
    c. What expectations they should have (examples of working in different countries or different industries or small vs. larger companies)
    d. Total Rewards package and cost of living considerations.


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