Unlocking Leadership Potential: 2024 MBA Full-Time Students’ Journey at CIMBA

Shortly after celebrating their first month on campus, the 2024 MBA Full-Time students took the first steps of their leadership journey at CIMBA. They joined team #1130 and embarked on the kind of adventure that only LIFE trainings can provide.

The intensive workshop was a success for the whole group, where each person got to re-discover the power of meaningful and supportive connections, the strength of teamwork and the importance of getting in touch with the inner energy we harbor within and rarely set free. By overcoming their fears when put outside of their comfort zone, everyone got out of LIFE with renewed determination, as the following testimonials state.

I’ve spent my entire adult life searching for training like this, and it has truly been a transformative journey. The fears and anxieties that accompany our growth in this chaotic world no longer hold the same power over me. Through this experience, I’ve watched my compassion and optimism grow to levels I never thought possible. I’m filled with immense gratitude for the incredible group of people I’ve shared this journey with. Whenever life knocks me down in the future, I’ll carry the lessons and memories from my time at CIMBA’s LIFE training as a source of strength and inspiration.


During my Undergraduate years, I’ve undergone plenty of leadership training. I would spend my free time observing great leaders, studying their actions, and imitating their cadence. During the pandemic, I earned the opportunity to be the President of my Fraternity though I choked under pressure and ended up losing the respect of my crew. I’ve since been anxious and scared to step out of my comfort zone and lead a team.             CIMBA’s LIFE program offered me a different perspective. This program allowed me to revisit my purpose and forgive my failures. I was given plenty of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone to the point where I began to feel comfortable in uncomfortable scenarios. I was gifted the experience of facing failure over and over again in front of an extremely supportive team until I reached success. Because of the LIFE program, I broke the barriers that kept me from shining and I am now confident in my abilities and ready to undergo any struggle to reach success.  


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