A few words about Executive Master graduation day

It’s done! Two weeks ago the completion of my Master in International Management & Strategy at The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business.

Thanks CIMBA for this opportunity and many thanks to all the new friends I’ve meet during this great journey.
I’ve learned a lot from you guys!

Now let’s focus on the next step 😏💪

Alessandro Mingolla | Executive Master Class of 2022

It’s over! After three years our Executive Master finally comes to an end.
The certificate in itself can be worth only so much, but the continuous push to grow out of your comfort zone is something to take away (going to Iowa during these days is quite a challenge in itself).

Kudos to the The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business and CIMBA community!

Andrea Tellan | Executive Master Class of 2022

Ho conseguito il Master in “International Management” del CIMBA in partnership con l’Università dell’Iowa.

Esperienza fantastica e altamente formativa, soprattutto l’ultimo modulo frequentato ad Iowa city.

Grazie a tutti i professori e ai compagni che mi hanno affiancata in questo percorso.

Go Hawks! 

Donatella Giubilato | Executive Master Class of 2022

Un percorso stimolante pieno di ricchezza che porterò sempre con me, Un ringraziamento a tutti i colleghi, persone meravigliose, e agli insegnanti mai avari nel dare il loro contributo. Ma il più grande grazie deve essere dato alla mia famiglia in particolare a mia moglie che mi ha supportato per tutto quest’anno.

Luca Picello | Executive Master Class of 2022

Proud to share a wonderful experience, which came to an end this week at the University of Iowa.

I am honoured to have experienced such a special moment, made possible by CIMBA.

Professionals, professors, collegues, inspired me and taught me a lot during the past two years.

This has been such a great journey together.

Per Aspera, Ad Astra!

Beatrice Calascione | Executive Master Class of 2022

Meaningful experience at The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business.

So many insights from new friends, so many lovely and skilled people sharing inspiring thoughts!

Thanks CIMBA for this amazing opportunity!

Mirco Cantele | Executive Master Class of 2022

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