Finance Management and Managerial Accounting

This 2 days program is designed to teach fundamental principles of accounting and finance.

We will use accounting statements to help understand the state of a business, how to improve it, and how to better forecast cash flow.

We will use the financial concepts of time value of money to value cash flows and assess future projects.

This class focuses on preparing participants to use accounting data to make managerial decisions.

The course emphasizes the use of accounting information for internal planning and control purposes.

Emphasis is placed on the use of control systems to guide and influence the behavior of decision-makers within the company who will make business decisions and evaluate the performance of business units using data obtained from the accounting system.

The course will analyze the major financial accounts and help participants learn to troubleshoot and spot trends.

The course will help familiarize participants with the most common financial reports:

  • Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flows.

No prior knowledge of accounting and finance is required.


Professor Bruce Kline, University of Colorado, is an Experienced Finance and Economics Instructor with a demonstrated work history in higher education.

Experienced delivery in the classroom, as well as online, for both MBA and Executive Programs. Almost a decade of experience teaching abroad – from visiting instruction at foreign institutions to leading self-designed MBA programs.
Concurrent 30-year finance career at Hewlett-Packard Company, culminating in WW tax and supply chain strategy and forecasting for the now-existing HP, Inc.

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